Jun 18, 2013

Forbidden Planet review Drowntown

Thanks Forbidden Planet! Reviews like this one make me feel it's been worth all the extra effort...


  1. Thank you Jim and Robbie for an amazing feast for the eyes and soul. Great story with great visuals. Such a joy reading it, can't stop blabbing on to people about it. Got a lovely copy from Robbie and Deborah at 2D festival in Derry this year( - was lovely to meet them both and chat). Looking forward to the next installment! :)

    1. Very glad you enjoyed it! I'm about halfway through book 2 now so it'll be in your hands asap...

  2. Happy to see you have a blog, Mr. Murray. Your works looks vivid and rich in color. What acrylic paint you usually use?


  3. I live in the Australian desert, droppedby a comic book store during my holiday. Bought a copy of Drowntown, went home and drooled over it.
    Looking forward to the second volume - what's ETA?

  4. Hi Jim, it's Richard, hope you're going great! I just received Drowntown this morning. Simply a-w-e-s-o-m-e. There are so much work into this, it feels great to finally be able to have a look at it. Respect. Kaboom dans ma face! :) We'll wait for the next tome with impatience. See you and congrats again!

  5. Just found this blog! I ordered Drowntown some minutes ago at amazon and can´t wait to get my hands on it. I have waited for this book for years! The Dota comic was awesome as well. In Illustration you are one of my big idols :). I am looking forward to all of your work in the future.