Jun 12, 2013

Designing a Hydrobike - part 2

Here's a few shots of this hydrobike in polygons.



  1. Good lord! You make me feel like a lazy bastard... :-) Wonderful.

    1. Hey Liam!!! have to have something to keep you occupied while the kids are playing little league :)

  2. So Jim, you create 3D models of your designs right? How the hell? I mean it's something I wanted to do, to have my designs as actual objects I can reference for any angle and so on, but I've always thought 3D modelling is such a rarified discipline that it would be impossible to take on as well as being a comic book artist and illustrator. How did you do it and what software are you using?

    What first steps did you take into learning 3D modelling?

    Your work is fucking amazing by the way. Been a big fan of yours since your 2000AD run, I think everything came together in Die Laughing and you've been at the peak of your powers ever since. You're one of those artists who is both an inspiration and a headache, you're too good. And now you're going to tell me you create 3D models too. Just stop it.

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