Mar 27, 2013

'nuther Drowntown sketch

Here's a wideshot of the first set in the story from a fairly small panel; a silted up section of street that's been partially drained, and into which our main character is slowly sinking. The final version in the comic is a slightly tightened sketch with barely more than a few acrylic washes.

Mar 20, 2013

Deus Ex art (last part)

Last couple of pieces from DX3 that I'm going to archive on this blog. A promo piece for E3 and the Deus Ex: Icarus Effect novel cover, written by novelist extraordinaire James Swallow.

Mar 19, 2013

Some Drowntown sketches

Thought I'd share some pencils from Drowntown in conjunction with the finished acrylics.


Mar 4, 2013

Deus Ex:HR stuff, part 1- weapons

Some weapon designs from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
Interesting Fact: The arms manufacturer 'Steiner Bisley' references the two main characters, Tim and Daisy from Spaced. End of interesting fact.
More to follow....

Mar 3, 2013

Drowntown: Book One

The first of three Drowntown books is out in the UK in June. Pre-order your copy at