Aug 7, 2013

Drowntown at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Yep, Robbie Morrison and myself will be talking about Drowntown during the 'Stripped' event at the Edinburgh Book festival. We'll be at the ScottishPower Studio Theatre on Saturday August 24th from 5 to 6pm. For more details and for tickets click here.

In addition we'll be talking about our roots in '2000AD: Back to the future' on Sunday 25th August at Baillie Gifford Main Theatre from 3 to 4pm where we'll be joined by among others Dan Abnett and David Bishop. Again, check out the link for the lowdown.  

...which gives me the excuse to post some *really* old Dredd art from back in the day...


  1. I've spent the last two hours looking at your art now. You rock.

  2. Hey Jim, I really admire your artwork and I was wondering if it would be possible to ask you a question through your email if you have an account you could tell me

  3. Hey there, thanks to you both again for signing my book, and with a unique D for Debbie /:). look forward to volume 2!


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