Mar 27, 2013

'nuther Drowntown sketch

Here's a wideshot of the first set in the story from a fairly small panel; a silted up section of street that's been partially drained, and into which our main character is slowly sinking. The final version in the comic is a slightly tightened sketch with barely more than a few acrylic washes.


  1. What impresses me most, and of course the added colors and perspective achieved, is creativity in building this environment ... Great job!

  2. Jim!

    Long time, no talk! So glad to see you are still doing your art. Do you have a new contact or email address? Your old one is now rejecting everything

  3. I just got my copy in the mail. I really enjoy seeing the brush strokes in the the different panels. It gives the graphic novel a really unique feel. Love seeing the drawings underneath too, thanks for sharing.

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